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“The never-ending cesspool”…

“The vast abyss”…

“The plethora of vapid souls”…

“The endless attempts”…

Do these phrases describe your recent attempts at dating?

Singles Dating ImgDating can be SO disheartening…

The last person was nice, but there was no connection.

Or there was a connection, but you had a falling out with communication.

Or the first date was great, but it never led to a second or third.

Why? You have no idea…

But your mind has come up with 1,268 answers.

“Did I say something offensive?”

“Was that joke NOT funny?”

You think about what you should or shouldn’t have said… what could be or should have been.

Anxiety, emptiness, and focusing on things beyond your control are making your thoughts and emotions swirl all over the place.

This is what’s holding you back…

Ruminating about past dating experiences has become a roadblock to future events.

You continue to think about your ex, the divorce, previous breakups, and mistakes made.

It puts you in limbo. You can’t let go OR move forward. It makes you want to give up on dating apps altogether. Kind of. Maybe. For now…

Wait… don’t give up yet!

You’re here because you want to shift your perspective on dating and relationships.

Well… you’ve come to the right place!

The first step is to open up to a therapist who can help you work through the anxiety and negative self-image holding you back. We’re going to cut the fuse between you and all that negative inner monologue about dating!

We will unpack and define your ideals… and give you tools to get what you want and deserve from dating.

And, most importantly, we’ll build the foundation that matters most: YOU. When you establish a deep connection and become aligned with your true self, you’ll stop setting for “less than.”

Let’s put you on the path toward secure, nourishing relationships!

Call today, and we can talk more during your complimentary consultation: (503) 498-6879.