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When you drift off course…

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you don’t know where you’re headed.

Perhaps you know where you want to go, but anxiety, lack of focus, or factors beyond your control are blocking you.

History’s full of stories about derailed missions. In Homer’s “Odyssey,” for example, Odysseus encounters numerous obstacles on his ten-year trip home after the Trojan War.

During his journey, he was tempted by the alluring voices of sirens trying to take him off-course.

Individual Therapy Img“Sirens??” Yes, and we all hear them.

Sirens are voices of distraction (social media, video games, food) luring us to escape from anxiety, depression, employment challenges, grief, or relationship struggles like separation, dating, breakups, or divorce.

You might also recognize them operating behind the scenes with ADHD and sleep issues.

When our thoughts turn to guilt or regret, their voices get louder and louder, tempting us with a false sense of escape.

We all have our sirens trying to thwart our mission in life.

When the call to escape is so loud…

How can you tune them out to find your true purpose and fulfillment in life?

As your therapist, my mission is to help you answer that question.

A big part of our work will be learning from the past rather than having it keep you from moving forward.

We’ll focus on mindfulness – how to keep calm, centered, and focused so you can tune out those sirens and keep your mind and heart on the mission ahead. These will be special practices tailored just for you.

In time, you’ll become more mindful, resilient, and compassionate toward yourself!

Let’s get started! I look forward to meeting you and talking more during your complimentary consultation: (503) 498-6879.