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About Therapy

Work, family, health, and other obligations…

They all influence our relationships… and relationships are at the foundation of our lives.

Of course, you want harmonious, fulfilling relationships… but there’s a problem:

Like all driven professionals, you’re distracted, busy, and overwhelmed by relationship dynamics you can’t control.

Let’s get to the root of the problem.

Whether you’re healing from a breakup, looking for love, or trying to revive the passion in your current relationship, it’s important to figure out what’s REALLY standing in your way.

But when it comes to relationships, repair, resentment, and forgiveness are tricky. It’s even more difficult when you struggle with negative thoughts and feelings about your relationship with YOURSELF.

You need an expert guide with an approach suited to YOU and your life.

Knocking over roadblocks…

In therapy, we’ll work together to unpack your history… and the values you bring and seek in relationships.

We’ll examine your expectations – how they came to be and how they’ve changed over time.

We’ll identify what’s keeping you from enjoying your ideal relationships and make an ACTION PLAN with goals to help you achieve them.

20rocksCough, cough (in a low voice)…

Some people call this “homework.”


Let me explain…

There is work to be done outside of our sessions that will strengthen your foundation of your operation: YOU.

Just as a passenger on an airplane must grab their oxygen mask before helping others, you must develop your foundation to be strong enough for others around you.

Homework includes developing routines and prioritizing needs aligned with your goals. Sometimes, we need journal prompts to prioritize our needs like social connection, physical health, and sleep.

This work is super important because it keeps you moving toward goals. It also sheds light on what’s getting in the way of those goals.

Therapy is all about giving you the space to assess and address roadblocks – homework is necessary to help you do that.

“Are you using that ‘roadblocks metaphor’ AGAIN?”

Yes! As your therapist, picture me as a navigator holding a map and asking you where you want to go and what you want to explore along the way.

All roadblocks are different, so we’ll collaborate to work through them.

Maybe you’re considering how (or if) you’ll work through infidelity with your partner.

Perhaps you’re separated but considering getting back together (after getting anxious once you tried the online dating scene.)

Or you might be struggling with a co-parenting agreement that doesn’t suit your schedule.

Let’s give you the tools to improve communication, foster sexual intimacy, work through anxiety, focus better, and get a good night’s sleep!

Onward and upward!

You’re here because you’re ready to give and receive love. That’s not as straightforward as it sounds, so you’ve done the right thing by seeking outside help.

Are you ready to enjoy a deeper connection with yourself and others? That’s what I’m here for!

Get ready to expand your perspective!

Reach out, and let’s talk about it. Call today for your Complimentary Consultation: (503) 498-6879.

About Me

20danceThe rest of my awesome human life…

I spent my adolescence…

… in the agricultural surroundings of California’s Central Valley.

In 1996, I moved to Portland, Oregon, to attend Reed College with a focus on history. In memory of my valley roots, I wrote a thesis titled, “Who You Callin’ Okie?” based on my love for John Steinbeck, Merle Haggard, and Dorothea Lange.

Fast forward (here’s where it gets interesting)…

During my fabulous tenure as Metropolitan Public Defender Alternative Sentencing Advocate, I decided to be a therapist.

But before I got to graduate school, I was running in Northeast Portland when I was hit by a car going 35 miles per hour.

I’m a brain-injury survivor. Long (and resilient) story short:

This experience shifted my perspective. It made me step back and recognize gratitude and the power of being alive.

Here and now…

I love barre, spin, dance, art, and music.

I value therapy as a source of connection.

I love working with people because they’re interesting, complex, and different – which is similar to my love for music: Vivaldi (“The Four Seasons”), Otis Redding, and HAIM.

Education and training…

Portland State University Portland, OR
Masters in Social Work, June 2019

Reed College Portland, OR
Bachelor of Arts in History, May 2000

Advanced Integrative Training Group – Internal Family Systems therapy Theory and Practice (with other therapy models) 
Susie Snyder
Zoom Online, monthly, September 2023 – January 2024

IFS Development, Application, and Transformational Model to Effectively Help Clients Improve Well-Being
Frank Anderson, MD & Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, Paul Ginter, Ed.D.
PESI, October 2023

IFS Approaches to Shame, Anxiety, and Depression
Frank Anderson, MD & Michael Elkin, MA, LMFT, NBCCH
PESI, October 2023

IFS & Disordered Eating: Heal the Relationship Between Food and Body
Frank Anderson, MD & Jeanne Catanzaro Ph.D.
PESI, October 2023

Treating Complex PTSD with IFS
Frank Anderson, MD
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IFS & Addictive Processes: Healing Wounds and Restoring Balance to the System of Parts
Frank Anderson, MD & Cece Sykes, LCSW, ACSW
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Attachment & IFS: Healing Trauma and Attachment Wounds that Befriend the Body
Frank Anderson, MD & Chris H Burris, LPC, LMFT
PESI, October 2023

ADHD, Relationships, and Sex: Strategies to Overcome the Over/Under­Functioner Dynamic
Ari Tuckman, PsyD, CST
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Adult ADHD: Targeting Executive Skills to Manage ADHD in Adults
Kevin Blake, PhD, PLC
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Changing the ADHD Brain: Moving Beyond Medication
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Changing the ADHD Brain: Moving Beyond Medication
David Nowell, PhD
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Rebuilding Trust in ADHD ­ Impacted Relationships
Ari Tuckman & Melissa Orlov
PESI, May 2023

Intensive Training: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT­-I): Evidence­-Based Insomnia Interventions for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, TBI, Sleep Apnea and Nightmares
PESI, February 2023

Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level TWO: Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbidities
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Sweet Dreams – Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – Nightmares (CBT-N) & Exposure Relaxation and Rescripting Therapy (ERRT)
JoAnn Davis, Department of Psychology, University of Tulsa, December 2, 2022

Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level One: Bridging the Couple Chasm
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DBT in a Nutshell: Treating Multi-Diagnostic, Complex Individuals
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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Grief and Loss
Dr. Russ Harris/Psychwire, March 2022

Accelerated Resolution Therapy
ART International Accelerated Resolution Therapy Training & Research
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Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) Brief Intervention
Dr. Russ Harris/Psychwire, March 2021

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) Introduction
Dr. Russ Harris/Psychwire, June 2020


Central City Concern Old Town Recovery Center (OTRC) Portland, OR (11/2019 – 8/2022) Integrated Health and Recovery Treatment Team (IHART), Mental Health Therapist

Center for Health and Healing, Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR (2/2019 – 5/2019) Outpatient Neurology/Master of Social Work Intern

Hospital/Inpatient Neurology, Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR (11/2018 -5/2019) Inpatient Neurology/ICU, Master of Social Work Intern

Central City Concern Old Town Recovery Center Portland, OR (9/2017 – 6/2018) Integrated Outpatient Team, Master of Social Work Intern

Metropolitan Public Defender Portland, OR (11/2001 – 8/2018) Alternative Sentencing Advocate

20nightmareOrganizations, Committees, and Groups…

Brain Injury Connections NorthWest Board Member (October 2022 – Present)

LoveYourBrain Foundation Clinical Connector (February 2022 – Present)

Metropolitan Public Defender Engagement Group Facilitator
(working in collaboration with the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program, 11/2015- 8/2018)

Multnomah County ReEntry Council
(representing the Metropolitan Public Defender, 12/2009 – 8/2018)

Multnomah County Drug & Alcohol Treatment Provider Group
(representing the Metropolitan Public Defender, 2/2008 – 8/2018)

Human Being Art Show Assistant to David Slader/Oregon Justice Resource Center
(Human Being Art Show, Gallery 114, featuring prison artists, 2/2017-7/2017)

The Other Bar of Oregon (support network for lawyers in addiction recovery, voluntary service commitment, 2/2014 -7/2014)