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Divorce & Breakups

It’s over… but it’s complicated.

Sometimes, it feels good to have walked away. You might even struggle to remember what you ever saw in your former partner.

But other days, it brings a sense of failure or longing for what was.

Even if you can’t remember, there are old photos, places, people, and things to remind you of a time when you felt loved and connected to the person you wanted to spend your life with.

Divorce Breakups Img“The end” evokes a full slate of emotions.

And often, those emotions are intertwined with custody battles, mortgage payments, and family holidays.

So… is it “over”?? Does OVER even exist??

You’ve likely asked yourself a thousand questions like this, and you know how quickly it can make you feel hopeless, anxious, or depressed.

It’s hard to talk about,–,even with friends and family. So, you pack it inside, often festering to the point that you say things you regret or act against your “better self.”

Once you hit “rock bottom,” where do you go?

Therapy is the place to be.

Therapy is an opportunity to discover what you need to strengthen your relationship with the most important person in your life: yourself.

In our sessions, we’ll explore what matters most to you and your life and develop a plan to move you in that direction.

Whether it’s defining the direction of your career, education, relationships, music, sports, or health, you’ll have the space to explore what’s best for your life.

Let’s give you the tools you need for renewal in your life and relationships!

This is a pivotal moment.

It’s a time to step back, redefine your purpose, and empower yourself to grow.

It’s time to open up… to let go!

It’s time to embrace change as an opportunity for creativity and getting stronger!

You’re ready to do what matters… that’s why you’re here.

And I’m here for all of it. Call today. Let’s talk more during your complimentary consultation: (503) 498-6879.