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Questioning the difference between meditation and mindfulness?

You aren’t alone.Doggy Meditation

Mindfulness is focusing on the moment, space around you, and placing your attention on the activity you are doing.

Like meditation, mindfulness takes practice. Everyone has different mindfulness practices – which can change throughout our lives.
Some of us appreciate mindfulness connected with the outdoors, away from home, in nature. Some of us close our eyes in the shower, while listening to water hit the tiles. And some of us practice mindfulness with mind-body connection through exercises like Yoga, Pilates, Barre, or Tai Chi. Or ReBarre class.

ReBarre Class?

ReBarre can be described as a slow paced combination of yoga and barre. Aileen Schaeffer, co-owner of Industrial Barre + Ride studio/remarkable ReBarre instructor, answers the big question …  Aileen

How is ReBarre aligned with Mind-Body Connection? 

Aileen: ReBarre is “Restorative Barre”.  I describe the 60 minute class as pairing yoga inspired movement with the Barre movements we know and love.  ReBarre moves at a slower pace, it’s focused on the breath (there is no wrong way to breathe, but learning to breathe purposefully makes a huge impact on the mind, body and movement), emphasis on balance, stretching and flexibility. 
The slower pace provides time and space to turn more inward, explore the movements in a thoughtful way, perhaps Copy Of Mind Body Connectionmake a stronger mind-body connection. Any approach or intention is welcome and one can take from it what they want, but typically clients say it has a very relaxing quality and they simply enjoy moving their bodies in a different way.
Like all classes you move at your own pace, take what you want from it and leave what you don’t.  It has the potential of feeling more challenging than other classes because of  the slower pace and increased focus and connection to the body, absolutely. 
Like any discipline, you get from it, what you put into it, and sometimes that changes day to day and that’s okay.  
Our motto: If you’re moving you’re doing it right.  You don’t always have to slay. 
Our intention of offering this class is to provide the above mentioned but also a class that’s a slight down shift from our other classes, it’s a gentler, calmer vibe that some may find appealing.  Personally I think it’s a great way to add variety, incorporate more stretching.
Aileen brings up the importance of variety.  Variety can be found with muscle focus, physical positions, and music. Which is why I asked Aileen about… 

Mind-Body Connection and Sound

Dog Music And Mind Body ConnectionSongs, lyrics, and rhythm can shift our mood, boost energy levels, and enhance focus during workouts.
Aileen is SKILLED when it comes to creating workout playlists. My question: What is her playlist approach and (current) top three Mind-Body songs?
She answered…
Aileen: Both Barre and Ride are rhythm based.  Each movement requires a certain bpm (Beats Per Minute.) We usually just use our ear to know if a specific song will work for the exercise.  Ride uses a faster bpm for interval drills and typically slower and very driven beats for segments such as climbs, where resistance is the goal.  ReBarre is a slower paced class, so the music selected for that class is a bit more on the mellow, vibey side to mirror the slower, more mindful intention of the practice.
Top three favorites? Wow, that’s tough. So many. Too many! Off the top of my head for songs for climbs is Ride: 
    • Modern Jam/Travis Scott. 
    • Lay Your Head on Me/Major Lazor 
    • Heart Attack/ Bronson.

Reverse Fly, Aka Rhomboid Flys

Can’t make it out of the house for a work-out? 

Mind-Body Connection at Home

While at home, we may have the pleasure to listen to whatever music we want. However, it can be challenging to move – especially when we feel stuck at a desk and not able to attend that in-person workout class.

So, what can we do at home? Aileen has recommendations …

Aileen: Any movement. Whatever feels good or inspires someone to get up and move. A Barre or Ride class is an unbeatable workout after a long day, no question, but there are specific exercises one can fit in while at their desk or during a short break mid-work day.

What movements does Aileen Recommend for short breaks – mid work day?  Lat Squeezes (1)

Aileen: To name a few…

Reverse Fly, aka Rhomboid fly with or without light weights.

Standing or seated Lat squeezes (both exercises open the chest, stretch the pectorals and strengthen the back which improve posture and combat a rounded back/forward shoulder posture caused by tight pectorals and over stretched back.)

Calf Raises to increase circulation in the lower legs.

Squats to energize the large legs, glutes and increase heart rate, and …Triceps Lifts.

Triceps lifts

All can be done with zero weights.  I’ll throw in Sun Salutations, Push ups and Plank for good measure :)

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