Divorce Sucks. Don’t Do it Alone.

Discover Who You Are and the Life You Want

Individual Telehealth Therapy for Divorce throughout Oregon

It’s over. You’re finally walking away.

At first, you felt a sense of relief, but now there’s a growing knot of dread in your stomach.

Some days you feel like a failure and long for what was.

The separation has brought clarity, but you’re still grieving the loss of your marriage.

Old photos bring back memories of when you felt connected to each other.

Sometimes you doubt your decision.

Breaking up is complicated.

You’ve been together so long you’re unsure who you are outside of your relationship.

Who’s getting the kids for the holidays?

You’ve tried talking to your friends about it, but no one understands the extent.

The kids are your priority. So, you bottle your feelings – trying to keep everything inside.

You can’t do this alone anymore.

Recognize your power and build a new life.

Therapy allows you to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

A big part of our work will be learning from your past.

Understand the patterns in your relationships that keep you from being who you want to be.

We’ll explore your values and develop an action plan for a life aligned with what matters to you.

This is your time.

Redefine the direction of your career.

Get back to doing the things you love.

Learn the tools to create the rich and meaningful connection you want.

It’s time you experienced your potential.

Don’t wait another day to start living.

Without support, your divorce will drain your energy, focus, and deplete you of future-forward vision.

Give yourself the tools you need for a clean break and a fresh start.

Preserve the love and goodwill with your ex by holding clear boundaries.

It’s time you experienced the good life on the other side.

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